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Week 5

Monday 08.09.2010 ~ Friday 08.13.2010

The last week of the five week summer session I worked with another hydro-tech collecting stream bank sediment samples for the NAWQA program. We visited three streams and took sediment samples from the stream bank and from the middle of the stream. This proved to be a fairly challenging feat as the samples needed to be collected from the top and bottom of the stream bank. In some cases the top of the stream bank was far out of reach and we had to climb through the heavy vegetation to dig and collect the samples. 

    As my internship continues I hope to do more work with remote sensing equipment and GIS programs. I would like to learn how to use the software and how it can be applied in the field. So far in the office I have been doing administrative work however, I have been told that is temporary and that I will be assigned to work on a project with a permanent employee.