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Week 2

Monday 07.19.2010 ~ Friday 07.23.2010     

The USGS contracts out with different scientific testing organizations and multiple government agents to do other sampling. During my second week of the second five-week summer session I was able to assist a hydrological technician in the field. The contract we were pulling samples for was with the Nebraska Association of Resources District (NRD). Over the course of six days we visited eight different sites in the Ashland, NE area.

At each site there were three to four wells and we pumped three separate ground-water samples from each well: one pure sample, one acidified sample, and one filtered-acidified sample. We used a 200 foot pump and the wells that we sampled ranged anywhere from 30 to 180 feet. The weather was hot and humid and the mosquitoes were heavy. I learned quickly that working in the field is a lot more work than it seems and it really takes a dedicated work ethic and a commitment to the work to get the job done.