FAQ on The Firstfruits Covenant Offering.

Tithing is God’s plan for financing His Church. It first appears in the story of Melchizedek (Genesis 14:18). From the law of first mention, we learn the tithe of Abraham was his Firstfruits of thanksgiving to God for bestowing increase. Melchizedek pronounced a special blessing on Abraham. Sacrifice to God was not started with the giving of the Law to Moses or even in the day of Abraham but beforehand in the Garden of Eden. Firstfruits was a principle continuing into the New Testament in the day of Christ, the Early Church and continues today as God’s plan for financing His Church. The Scriptures are plain: Giving our Firstfruits positions us for the blessings of God.

Q: What is Firstfruits Covenant?

A: The Firstfruits Covenant is a plan whereby each church affiliated and associated with the Pentecostal Church of God is encouraged to support General and District ministries with Firstfruits (10%) of their undesignated income (Designated income = Ministers salaries, missions, and revivals).

Q: Is it Biblical for the Church to tithe? Why 

A: Why Not? The prophet Malachi challenged the nation of Israel to bring, “all the tithe,” and the prayer of Moses in Deuteronomy 26:15 was for the blessing of God to rest upon the entire nation of Israel as a result of the Firstfruits Covenant. The presentation of the tithe to God opens the windows of Heaven and allows the blessings of God to flow. This Covenant promise is applicable to individuals, churches, businesses and nations. Jacob vowed to give the Lord a tenth of all his business earnings (Genesis 28:22). Paul’s ministry in Jerusalem was financed by various churches, which Paul noted as fruit, and stated that this provision of fruit would allow him to minister in the fullness of the blessing of Christ (Romans 15:28, 29). Tithing is evidence of appreciation to God for His blessings and supply. God will bless individuals, churches and business that position themselves by the offering of the Firstfruit. Firstfruits Covenant is based upon a faith commitment. If a church tries it and finds God does not bless, at their option they can stop!

Q: What kind of programs will the Firstfruits Covenant Offering benefit?

A: First, it provides a source of revenue whereby the General Office can resource the local church in fulfilling their mission through materials and meetings. Second, it provides revenue whereby the District can facilitate the local church through a wide variety of avenues, such as enhanced youth ministry support, assistance in emergencies, special meetings, or other opportunities that may present themselves for the district to assist the local church. Third, it opens the door for an international ministerial development and pastoral care focus. The tithe was used for the support of these who minister in the House of God, and the financial resources from this Covenant can spiritually enhance those who serve the local church. Fourth, each local church can cheerfully become a partner in the future of the PCG and make a difference in the way our fellowship approaches ministry.

Q: What has the Capital District done with the Firstfruits Covenant Offering? 

A: The Firstfruits has provided a base for the operations of our international ministries. The Capital District has been able to have four Pastors Meetings enriching and brainstorming with the pastors of the district. The Capital District has been able to assist the following departments: Youth Department, Benevolence , Home Missions, and Women's Ministries with a distribution of the Firstfruits Covenant Offering.

Q: How does the Firstfruits Covenant Offering get to the General Office and where does a District Church send the Firstfruits Covenant Offering?

A: The Firstfruits Covenant Offering is to be sent to Capital District office. Monthly the district office forwards one-third of Firstfruits to the General Office of the Pentecostal Church of God since we have less then 35 churches.