What is Sport Karate


Sport Karate is a mixture of traditional karate systems and karate as a sport. In many traditional Martial arts systems there is a lot of emphysis on etiquette, and some styles can be so rigid in their interpretation that there is no room for alternatives or indeed individuality. On the other hand many sport karate clubs have omitted the tried and tested traditional aspects of karate, focusing only on the fighting applications of the chosen art. At the Candleford Wado-Ryu Sport Karate Club we try to strike a balance between traditional and modern. The traditional part is in the style taught, which is Wado-Ryu. Also incorporated are Kata (forms) and Kihons (set attack and defence moves). The modern side of the training is the sport aspect, this is the use of hook and jab pads, kick bags and Sparring in a controlled safe environment. We also incorporate various self defence techniques from different systems.
Line work, Kata and Kihons teach about stances body positioning and balance. Hook & jab pads help speed and accuracy. Bag work helps with correct technique and power, & sparring helps with speed, accuracy, technique and application in a safe combat environment.
Karate is an excellent form of exercise encouraging and developing co-ordination, flexibility, balance, fitness, focus, concentration, confidence and respect for others.
This is a sport for all.