Candleford Wado Ryu Sport Karate Club

Welcome to the Candleford Wado Ryu Sport Karate Club.
we hope that you enjoy your training with us, and together with our guidance, your commitment and dedication, 
we will help you reach your full potential. karate is an excellent form of exercise encouraging and developing co-ordination, flexibility, balance, fitness, focus concentration, confidence and respect for others.
We accept boys, girls, men and women, this is a sport for all. we encourage you to come along for a six week induction
 before you decide whether you wish to join. Each session costs £8 for the hour. If you decide to join the life membership will be £40 for 8-16 year old and £50 for 16-Adults. This will include a club suit.
Gradings will be charged as they are taken (Gradings are not compulsory) and are at the discretion of Sensei.
Here at the Candleford Wado Ryu Sport Karate Club we employ extensive use of equipment such as kick bags, which help to improve not only the kicks but also balance and stance, we also use hook and jab pads which help with focus, technique, co-ordination and confidence.
Over the weeks you will begin to learn practical self defence techniques, these will include break away techniques,
 arm locks, takedowns and pressure points. Of course we teach the traditional line work, Katas and khions as well.   
Come and join us for a session,  we look forward to seeing you there.

Warm regards, Tony Clarke (Sensei).

Bronwen  competing in the Kata competition at the Freestyle Sport Karate Association National Championships in Manchester 2006  

Bronwen being congratulated on winning second place in the Kata competition at the 
Freestyle Sport karate Association National Championships in Manchester 2006

Josh & Matt on passing their 1st Dan Black Belt Grading
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