A Few Technicalities


This website is viewable by everyone. We hope members of the public will, as a result, take an interest in our group, view our pictures and come to our Exhibitions – maybe even join us.

Enquiries about membership should be made to Ros Ridley 01763 260 845 rmr21 at cam.ac.uk. Enquires are welcome from anyone who enjoys painting, and mixing with other people who paint. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership but membership is not dependent on the standard or type of work done.

You may view members’ paintings and photographs of recent social events. Members will also be able to check dates of meetings and download Entry Forms for Exhibitions.


This website can only grow if members submit material for inclusion. If you have suitable pictures of demonstrations, workshops social events or venues please send them as attachments to me, Ros Ridley, rmr21@cam.ac.uk. I will do my best to include them. When you have a painting that you intend to send to one of our Exhibitions it would be good if you could photograph it (in bright daylight before glazing) and send the image to me as an attachment to your message. I will upload suitable images to the members' gallery, taking care to maintain a fair distribution of members’ pictures. I have 'disabled the download facility' on the pictures so that your pictures cannot easily be lifted from the web. If you would like a copy of a picture please let me know and I will send it to you by email.

Throughout this website '@' has been replaced by ' at ' in email addresses of members to discourage Spyware email address theft. To contact a CDAC member using the email addresses cited, copy the email address into your own email system and replace the ' at ' with @.

Please feel free to send suggestions for new pages and further inclusions to Ros Ridley rmr21 at cam.ac.uk. Inclusions should be sent as attachments as .docx or .jpg or similar but not .pdf