Welcome to the Cambridge District Art Circle.

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The society encourages interest in painting, by holding monthly demonstrations and talks, usually given by well known local professional artists. These meetings, which cover a wide variety of artistic topics, including watercolour techniques, oil painting, the use of acrylic paint or ink, pastel painting and coloured pencils, take place throughout the year on the second Wednesday evening of the month. In addition, tutor led workshops take place at regular intervals and members are able to borrow from the art book library.

Demonstrations and Workshops.

These usually take place on the second Wednesday in the month at Haslingfield Village Hall - see Programme of Events in the Sidebar. Workshops take place about once a month at a variety of venues in villages around Cambridgeand and last for either a day or half a day - see Programme of Events in the Sidebar. Workshops, which cost £30 per day, have a limited number of participants and must be booked in advance through Lesley Rumble at a demonstration or by email contact - lesleyrumble at macace.net.


Numbers are limited to 110 members and although the membership centres on Cambridge and the nearest southern villages, people come from as far afield as Royston, Newmarket and Bar Hill. Amongst the membership there are many, some well-known, professionals, but there are just as many who seldom get around to practising their art but from time to time attend meetings. A majority however, remain in the original mould - a group of enthusiastic amateurs. It is not uncommon to have more than sixty members and friends attend a demonstration evening. At the moment we can take a few more members. The annual subscription is currently £22.00 and anyone interested should approach the Membership Secretary, Ros Ridley tel. 01763 260845, rmr21 at cam.ac.uk.


An annual public Exhibition has for many years been held in Grantchester Village Hall, usually to coincide with August Bank Holiday weekend. Provided the exhibition rules are followed, there is no restriction on what work members submit. An Annual Trophy, the Peggy Williams Cup, is presented to the individual work which gains most votes from the public during the exhibition. A second trophy, the Silver Jubilee Cup is awarded following an in house competitive exhibition held at the Annual General Meeting earlier in the year.