About FRC Team 3834

Head Coach
What has being the sponsor for the Calhoun High School Robotics Team shown you?


"It has shown me what responsibility looks like. I am proud to see how my students are willing to stay after school to work for the common goal."

                       Mr. Williams

What has the Calhoun High School Robotics Team taught you?


"Being in Robotics has taught me how to communicate better with people. I learned how to criticize constructively, and I became a better speaker. I became a much better team player and learned how to communicate with people that were very different from me."

                        Joseph Nguyen

What experience has mentoring the CHS Robotics Team given you?

"It has been extremely gratifying to see the whole process from the beginning to the end and see the students' wealth of knowledge grow. I saw how the students took ownership and pride. The Robotics Team gave me insights into how empowering learning can be."

                    Mr. Byrd

"It has given me real appreciation for how involved and intelligent the students are"

                    Mr. Babb