Volunteer Spotlight

volunteers sorting out the ceramics display in the basement

Volunteers and friends enjoyed a trip to the M & S Archives in Leeds on Thursday 8th May 2014

For nearly a year now, CIMA members have been working as volunteers in the Industrial Museum, cleaning and refurbishing the artefacts. Several of these have been brought to near-operational condition, and CIMA is negotiating with the Museums Service in order to run the necessary tests before they can be operated.
Apart from the toffee-wrapping machine, which was serviced free by a Nestle engineer before the first open day, a treadle-operated medallion lathe has also reached operational condition. We are hoping that the waterwheel will be the next exhibit on the list, although without the water!
Recently, all 60-odd Calderdale museum volunteers have been re-inducted, and the system re-organised. This has involved some changes in working practices in the Industrial Museum, but don't let that put you off - there's still work to do. We now have permission to redecorate parts of the Museum. And we need to fill our open day rotas well in advance!
CIMA volunteers are also working on conservation plans for all the artefacts, so that consistent records of all restoration and maintenance work can be kept.
We are looking for volunteers who have experience of some of the textile exhibits, for instance the Moquette loom, and the Crossley carpet loom. It's sad that the skills to operate these amazing machines are being lost at a rapid rate. If you know anyone who could help, please contact us.