Our Crop

                       OUR FARM 


Our plantation is located in the Amazon region of Ecuador, specifically in The Joya de los Sacha, province of Orellana. We are blessed by having a wide and beautiful range of flora and fauna. The weather conditions are adequate for the proper development of cocoa crop, with high temperatures, relative humidity, and light, which generates a microclimate that results in high productivity and vitality. 
The location in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest is a privilege due to the spectacles we experience every day with the amazing landscapes that nature provides us. Our company takes this gift as a major responsibility in to preserve one of the most magical and mega diverse places on earth. That is why we have incorporated in our processes friendly environmental practices, returning to the field the resources that are extracted from the soil, reducing pesticide usage, and ensuring that we maintain the necessary ecological edges near rivers and protected areas.





Our processes are the result of innovation and advanced technology in cocoa crop management. In this aspect, we have implemented management techniques of other agricultural crops that apply more technology in their processes, in order to incorporate the mainstream of science in the art of agriculture. Therefore, we have developed new techniques for the care of plants at the nursery, fertilization programs, integrated pest and disease management, agro ecological management of coca crop and weed control.



Our product is designed for a market that appreciates high quality and differentiation, For this reason, one of our main efforts is to maintain a post-harvest system that ensures high quality beans and stability of that quality in all our deliveries.



To achieve this important goal, we are continually studying the improvement, standardization, and optimization of the fermentation process. We strongly believe this is the critical point in order to obtain the best organoleptic qualities of our “Super Tree”, which is highly appreciated by customers.