About the Company




We are a business group with a long and successful trajectory in agricultural and industrial activities. Throughout our 40 years we have generated welfare and development, especially in the rural areas where we operate.


Based on our knowledge and confidence in the country and its treasures, we initiated our cocoa business with a technical and professional approach. We started our first farm with a special and distinctive variety that originates from the Amazon and is best known in the market as a "Super Tree" for its high productivity and high tolerance to diseases. The organoleptic property of this cacao consist in a fine aroma, floral, and very intense flavor, traits that are very desirable for clients in international markets.

Our goal is to obtain the best properties of this variety to offer them to the world, to justify future expansion projects, and to link us with other actors in the production and market chain.


We constantly strive to generate added value in all the processes in order to fulfill our customers, employees, neighbors and shareholders needs. 

Cacao Export Family