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Please read!
Oh so Important Notes
  1. If you are bringing multiple potluck items, use the Add A Dish form below (after you Register with your first item/dish.)
  2. You must press Submit after filling out the Register form and after each time you fill out the Add A Dish form.
  3. Please register each individual, couples register separately.
  4. Use the Refresh button below (after you Submit) to see your entry in the Registration table.
  5. Not all potluck dishes are needed for a particular meal. (Ex. we don't need potatoes if we are having a pasta dish. Use your judgement please.)
  6. Duplicates are allowed, especially happy hour snacks and desserts, but make sensible selections.
  7. Review the head count as the work trip date approaches to estimate how much food to bring.
  8. Step-by-step instructions are listed at the bottom of this page.
  9. This table & page are best viewed in a maximized window. You may need to scroll right to view all entries.
Step-by-step Instructions
  1. Required: Enter your first & last name. (An entry must be made for each individual and for each additional potluck item.)
  2. Required: Select a potluck dish to bring from the pull-down list. (Items already selected are listed in the table above.) Select Z if you are a newbie (not required to bring a dish but you can) or if you are just working.
  3. Optionally add a description about your dish and/or a note about other equipment you're bringing.
  4. Required: Select your individual, round trip travel hours and minutes. (Click Directions in map provided in the email.)
  5. Check the boxes for the meals you will partake in.
  6. Hit Submit.
  7. Refresh your browser window or hit the Refresh button above or hit F5 to see your item in the table.
  8. Repeat for additional people in your work party.
  9. If you want to bring an additional potluck item, use the Add A Dish form remembering to enter your name exactly as you did when you registered.