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Q: Do you like to hike? 
A: We do!

Q: Do you like to camp out?
A: We do!

Q: Do you like to backpack?
We do!

Q: Do you like great food?
A: We do!

Q: Do you like hard work?
A: Um,... it goes with the territory.

If you never heard of The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club or the Cadillac Crew, the first thing you need to know is what PATC does.

Simply put, PATC volunteer crews maintain hiking trails in WV, VA, PA, MD, and DC. for more info, view About PATC at www.PATC.net.

The Cadillac Crew work trips are unique within PATC. Cadillac Crew work trips are the 4th Saturday of each month except Nov-Jan due to the holidays, weather, and football.

Work normally starts at 9:30 on Saturday. The crew typically works until 3:30-4:30 and then holds a happy hour, potluck dinner, spends the night someplace, potluck breakfast, possibly work some more, hike or just go home. We work hard and have a great social events. 

The crew provides the tools, all you need to bring work clothes, boots, gloves, sack lunch for Saturday and water for while you are working. Eye protection is also a good idea. If you want to stay overnight, you will need a sleeping bag, toiletries (sometimes a towel for a shower), change of clothes. We stay at PATC cabins, member's houses or camp out in tents (which you would need to provide.)

In addition to trail work trips, a number of the crew members frequently get together for hiking, weekend backpacking and even back-country backpacking in places like Sequoia National Park.

You don't have to be a member to go on a Cadillac Crew work trip. You can try it out and then join PATC.

Oh and the crew is very dog friendly. For more information, visit our About page.