School of Language


For the 2014 school year, our school is offering four class levels:
BEGINNING juniors - for age 6 to 12 years old.
BEGINNING teens to adults - for 13 years and older with no prior knowledge of Khmer language or speaking.
INTERMEDIATE teens to adults - for 13 years and older with some Khmer language background, and can speak few words.
ADVANCE - for all who wants the challenge of learning the language at the highest level.
(prior approval by the advanced class teacher is required for this class. Please contact the school Director or class teacher if you have any questions)

For details of each class level and its learning curriculum, please click the sub-pages link (listed on the bottom of this page.)

NOTE: Cambodian School is actively seeking teachers for the Intermediate level class. As of January 2014, we are combining the Intermediate and Advance class into a single class pending availability of additional teaching staffs.
To enroll online in one of our class levels, please follow this link.  To enroll in person, please show up at our school. One of our volunteers will gladly assist you to proper classroom level.
Thank you.
Junior Class of 2008
Teen/Adult Class of 2008
Teen/Adult Class of 2008