Universal Class

All citizens of Vermont who have access to the services of a public library are eligible to use this online learning resource for free in the library or from remote sites.

What is Universal Class?

Recorded Books’ Universal Class is an educational service providing high quality online courses for patrons (generally high-school age and older) interested in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Patrons register online, participate in the classes online at their own pace, correspond with instructors online and have up to six months to complete an individual class. Universal Class supports lifelong learning and enhances not only social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development, but also employability. Class content covers a wide range – from hobbies (arts and crafts, dog training, photography) to job skills (writing improvement, medical billing, computer programming, domestic violence counseling) to education and test preparation (writing for children, general science, Algebra, Homeschooling Strategies) – and much more! Your library will now be able to offer more than 500 online courses to patrons.

To access the Universal Class site and register for online classes, patrons will need their patron barcode from your library and an email address. Once they enter their individual barcode at this URL:

they will be able to register for courses.

On the first page, in the Enter Code: box enter your patron barcode.
The format for your patron barcode is:

The XXXX's are your patron number.  If you have a 1 digit, 2 digit, or 3 digit patron number fill in with zeros.

For example, a patron with the number of 1, would type in 2056470000001

After this you will need to register in order to have access to the classes.

Please contact the Library if you have any questions.