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Safety Policy

VIII. Safety Policy

The Cabot Public Library will take steps to ensure the welfare and safety of its patrons, staff, and materials.  The Library Trustees have considered various potential situations and have take steps to deal effectively with unforeseen emergencies.

A. Safety Equipment

The Library will have a first aid kit for minor accidents and flash light or other portable lighting in the event of a power failure.

B. Exits

Emergency exits will be clearly marked and will be kept free from hazards.

C. Emergency Information

Telephone numbers for the fire department and the police will be posted on the telephone.  These numbers are for non-emergency situations, as 911 will be called in the case of a true emergency.  The location of the first aid kit will also be noted.

D. Accidents

The Library staff and the Board will see that the Library and its contents are kept in good repair.  In case of an accident, a Library Co‑Director will fill out a report and keep it on file.  A copy will be provided to the Town Clerk and the Willey Building Committee.

E. Preparedness

The Board of Trustees and the Library Co‑Directors will discuss safety issues at least once a year.