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Material Selection Policy

III. Material Selection Policy

The Board of Trustees has adopted the following selection policy along with the ALA “Library Bill of Rights”, and its “Freedom to Read”, and “Freedom to View” statements.

A. Responsibility for Selection

Responsibility for the selection of Library materials rests solely with the Library Co‑Directors.

B. Selection Criteria

The Library Co‑Directors will use professional judgment, enhanced by an understanding of the needs of the community, from preschool through adult.  Materials will be considered according to its informational, educational, and recreational value; its authoritativeness, timeliness, and effectiveness; the reputation and significance of the author; its availability elsewhere; the overall goal of representation of a variety of viewpoints within the collection; and the price of the material and availability of funds and space.

In the selecting materials, the Library Co‑Directors will use authoritative professional reviews, standard lists of basic works, recommendations from professional journals, and the Vermont Department of Libraries’ Material Review Sessions.  The public may make recommendations and these will receive careful consideration, in terms of the Library’s overall objectives and the existing book collection.

C. Gifts

Gifts of books and other materials are accepted with the understanding that their final disposition is the responsibility of the Library Co‑Directors.  The wishes of the donor will be respected whenever feasible.

D. Weeding

Weeding will be conducted periodically by the Library Co‑Directors.  The criteria applied to the selection of materials will be applied to their removal.

E. Challenged Materials

If a patron objects to the presence (or absence) of any material, the Library Co‑Directors will discuss with the patron their complaint about the material.  If the patron wishes, they may fill out a “Statement of Concern about Library Resources” form (Appendix B).  The Library Co‑Directors will decide whether or not to add, withdraw, or restrict the material in question, and will notify the patron in writing of that decision.  The Library Trustees will be notified of the complaint and of the Library Co‑Directors’ decision.

If the patron is not satisfied with the Library Co‑Directors’ decision, they may appeal to the Board of Trustees by resubmitting a “Statement of Concern about Library Resources” to a Trustee.  The Board will consider the complaint and the Library Co‑Directors’ decision and will make the final decision.  The Board will report its decision in writing to the concerned patron.  The material in question will not be removed from use prior to the Board’s action.