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Children's Policy

V. Children’s Policy

The Cabot Public Library endeavors to provide a safe, pleasant atmosphere conducive to the enjoyment of our facilities.  The Library staff, concerned about every child’s welfare, is limited in their ability to supervise young children at the Library, and we cannot guarantee the safety of children who are unattended at the Library.

A. Guidelines

  • Children aged eight years or younger must be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible person at all times.
  • The Library is a public building.  Young patrons should use the same caution that they would use in any public space.  The Library cannot assume responsibility for any child left unattended at the Library.
  • The Library shares the building with other town offices.  Young patrons who behave in a disruptive manner (running, throwing things, loud talking and offensive language, bringing food and drink, fighting, and vandalism) or show disregard for the rules will be asked to leave the Library.  A letter (Appendix B) will be sent to the parent requesting they speak with a Library Co‑Director before the child is permitted to return to the Library.  It is helpful for a young patron to have an alternative place to go should they be asked to leave.
  • Parents will be responsible for the cost of any damages to the building or to materials.