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Appendix D

Appendix D

Signs for Various Policies

A. Computer Use Rules

Cabot Public Library — Computer Use Rules

The Internet is a global electronic network without local, state, or federal control over its content.  It offers access to material that is personally, professionally, and culturally enriching.  It also contains inaccurate as well as controversial material.

The Cabot Public Library offers public Internet access.  The Library is not responsible for the content of the Internet.  Users must evaluate the validity and appropriateness of the information found.  The Library is a “limited public forum”.  This means it is a place for access to free and open communication, subject to reasonable restrictions as to the time, place, and manner.  The First Amendment protects people’s right to use this forum.  First Amendment rights also extend to children in a more limited way.  This is one of the reasons only parents have the right and the responsibility to restrict the access of their children, and only their children, to Library resources.  A public library, unlike a school library, cannot act in the place of a parent.  Parents are responsible for what minors, read, view, or borrow while at the Library.

  • Users will not access materials that is pornographic or “harmful to minors” consistent with any applicable local or state law.
  • Users will not use the network to make unauthorized entry into other computers, information, or communication services.
  • Users will not distribute unsolicited advertising or “spam” others.
  • Users will not access the Internet for any illegal activity.  Users will respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.
  • Users will only download information onto a removable device.
  • Users will sign in at the desk before using a computer.
  • Access sessions will be limited to 30 minutes when there are others waiting to access the computer.  Exceptions to this limit are for patrons working on resumes, applying for worker’s compensation, or filling out other local, state, or federal documents that are only available online.  Access sessions cannot be shared.
  • Only one person per computer.  Exceptions can be made as long as users’ behavior or conversation does not disturb other users or Library staff.

Library employees are authorized to terminate any user’s access session or to prohibit a user from subsequent access sessions given cause to believe that the use has failed to comply with the Computer Use Rules.

B. Young Patrons and the Cabot Public Library

Young Patrons and the Cabot Public Library

Every day when school lets out, dozens of children arrive at the Library.  Some are working on homework assignments, some find it a nice place to read and socialize after school, and others come because it’s a convenient place for parents and children to meet up at the end of a working parent’s day.  The new reading/computer room has become very popular with pre-teens and teenagers.

The Library is a warm, inviting, and fun place to be.  The caring staff helps with homework and suggests good books to read — but is simply not numerous enough to ensure the safety of every child in the Library.  We cannot know if every child who leaves the building is leaving with a guardian or with a stranger.

For the protection and well being of the many children who use the Cabot Public Library, we ask parents to be aware of the following:

  • Children aged eight years or younger must be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible person at all times.
  • The Library is a public building.  Young patrons should use the same caution that they would use in any public space.  The Library cannot assume responsibility for any child left unattended at the Library.
  • The Library shares the building with other town offices.  Young patrons who behave in a disruptive manner (running, throwing things, loud talking and offensive language, bringing food and drink, fighting, and vandalism) or show disregard for the rules will be asked to leave the Library.  A letter (Appendix B) will be sent to the parent requesting they speak with a Library Co‑Director before the child is permitted to return to the Library.  It is helpful for a young patron to have an alternative place to go should they be asked to leave.
  • Parents will be responsible for the cost of any damages to the building or to materials.
  • It has come to our attention that several of our young patrons are playing outside during the Library’s open hours.  Sometimes they are playing in an unsafe place or manner.  Please be aware that the Library does not take responsibility for children when they leave the Library.  If your children are here in the Library and they decide to go outside, we do not watch them as they play around the building.  We worry about their safety, but as Librarians we are not responsible for their whereabouts once they leave the Library nor can we compel them to stay inside the Library.  If you want them to stay inside during their visit, please have that conversation with your child.  Also, the Library’s policy is that anyone under the age of 8 years old needs to be accompanied by an adult.  Thank you for your understanding. April 14, 2011