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Appendix A

Appendix A

A.    Room Use Policy

Part of the Cabot Public Library’s mission is to provide a welcoming and thriving community space for the residents of Cabot and surrounding towns.  With this in mind, we are happy to provide the use of our Reading Room as a small group meeting area.

The room is available

  • to any community, non-commercial group regardless of political, religious, or social views
  • on a first come, first serve basis
  • for meetings that are free and open to the public
  • Donations may be requested, but must not be required.
  • for groups of 20 people or less
  • at the discretion and approval of the Co-Directors and/or the Library Trustees

We are glad we can provide this space for your group.  However, the Cabot Public Library has a need to protect its space and contents.  We ask that you fill out our Room Use Contract and that you abide by our room use requests.   You are responsible for any damage that may occur during your use of the room.  Failure to comply with these terms may forfeit your opportunity to use the Reading Room in the future.

Willey Building, bathroom, and Library door keys are available at the desk prior to your meeting time.  We ask that you return these keys to the desk, under the Library door, or in our Book Drop within 24 hours after your meeting concludes.

Use of the Reading Room does not imply endorsement of the event or its sponsor by the Cabot Public Library.  All promotional endeavors should clearly state that the Library is the location of the meeting and not a sponsor of the meeting or group.

If problems arise, please call a Co-Director: Kathleen Hoyne, 279‑2128; or Anne Walker, 563‑2133.  In the case of emergencies, please call 911 and notify a Library Trustee or Co‑Director as soon as possible.  The Co-Directors and/or the Library Trustees reserve the right to reschedule a meeting.

B.    Room Use Contract

Cabot Public Library

PO Box 6, Cabot, VT 05647




Event Description:









Probable numbers of participants:

Event Date(s):


Contact Name:


Contact Mailing Address:



Contact Phone Number(s):


Please make sure you:

  • Respect the Library’s property and space.
  • Consumption of food and drink is confined to designated areas.  Please speak with a Co‑Director as to these locations.
  • Clean the room (sweep and mop if needed) and remove your trash.
  • Turn down the heat (not below 66 degrees).
  • Turn off the lights, shut and lock the windows, and lock the Library doors.
  • Lock the door to the elevator and bathrooms.  (Please leave the individual bathroom doors propped open.  This allows the heat to get into the bathrooms.)
  • Turn off the Willey Building lights, and lock both doors.

Event use is subject to Co-Director and/or Trustee approval.

Additional information you should know:

The following are prohibited by State Law:

  • Smoking in the building
  • Consumption of alcohol by persons under the age of 21
  • Open flames in the building

User Signature:


(By signing this form, you are agreeing to its terms and are responsible for complying with them.)


If there is an emergency, please call 911 and notify a Library Trustee or Co‑Director as soon as possible.  If problems arise, please call a Co‑Director: Kathleen Hoyne, 279‑2128; or Anne Walker, 563‑2133.  The Trustees are: Kathleen Higbee, 563‑2479; Marge Trautz, 563‑2783; and Jon Vara, 563‑2374.

Library Use Only:

Keys given date:

Keys returned date: