Group Walk Calendar

Walk Schedule for 2019 - The walk schedule below may be changed during the year depending on weather conditions, street closures and etc.  Please review the Year Round Walks page and click on the walk of interest to see the start point location.  

The walk registration will be at 8:30 AM and walk at 9:00 AM for months April - October.
The walk registration will be at 9:30 AM and walk at 10:00 AM for months November - March.

Club members may receive a club email about changes to the walks listed below.  If you are a new follower of the club, please address questions to

January 12 Pea Ridge
January 23 Bentonville North
 February 9
 Bentonville Downtown
 February 15 - 18
 Presidients' Day walk, Orange Beach, AL
 February 27 Bentonville Sam Walton
 March 9 Eureka Springs
 March 27 Pea Ridge
 April 13 Bentonville North
 April 24     Bentonville Downtown
 May 11 Bentonville Sam Walton or Traditional Event
 May 22 Eureka Springs
 June 8 Pea Ridge
 June 26 Bentonville North
 July 13 Bentonville Downtown
 July 24 Bentonville Sam Walton
 August 10 Bentonville North
 August 28 Bentonville Downtown
 September 14 Pea Ridge or Tradtional event
 September 25 Eureka Springs
 October 12 Bentonville North
 October 23 Bentonville Downtown
 November 9 Bentonville Sam Walton
 November 27 Pea Ridge
 December 14 Eureka Springs

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