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Hopkins Building

700 Jacksonville Road, Burlington, NJ 08016


Fax: 609-387-0439

HSFA Officers

2021-2022 OFFICERS

President: Tasya Beck beckfamilytree5@gmail.com

Vice President: Allison O'Hagan allisoncko@yahoo.com

2nd Vice President: Jennifer Leshner jzc0507@gmail.com

Treasurer: Jamika Lemon onpoint_1@yahoo.com

Secretary: Tiana Crump Crumpta@gmail.com


Welcome to the

Burlington Township

High School Family Association

HSFA is a group of interested parents, teachers, coaches, administrators, and community members who volunteer their time and efforts to support Burlington Township High School students.

Each year the HSFA:

  • sponsors Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

  • donates to the refreshments for Freshman Orientation

  • purchases supplies for student clubs and activities

  • supports the sports programs

  • and so much more!!!

We encourage all members to attend our monthly meetings to help make important decisions, plan our fundraisers and help spread the word of our efforts. We cannot continue our success with just a few parents/guardians...we need your input and we need your support. Please help make the upcoming year a great success!!

Come join us - you'll be glad you did!



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