Thank you to everyone who made our event yesterday possible.  To the folks from You Can NOT Be Replaced who spent the entire day with us providing an excellent program and fun activities for the children.  To Will Evans for his awesome show and for taking time to talk with the kids who so much enjoyed his music.  To the high school and middle school student volunteers who gave their time to help us out.  To the school district employees and parents who helped in the planning and execution to make this possible.  To Casamari Restaurant for partnering with us by providing food for the children during the event. Thank you!

The Burlington Township Foundation is honored to have been able to present this valuable program, it was great to hear from the perspective of parents who have "been there."  To all who attended we are so glad you were able to take advantage of this and hope you found it valuable.  While we believe that everyone took at least a little something from this, it is more important for us to know that if at least one person was touched in a meaningful way and found this truly helpful (and we do believe that is the case), then it was worth every effort in making it happen.