Burlington Township High School 
Project Graduation
Class of 2020 
Project Graduation is a celebration designed to combat alcohol and other drug use on graduation night.  It is an all-night, chemical free event filled with fun activities given to the graduating class through generous support by their parents and our community.  

Project Graduation sends a clear message to students that alcohol and other drugs are not necessary to celebrate their achievements.  When teens celebrate their success by drinking alcohol and driving, a night that was meant to be a fun celebration may well result in tragedy.  

Let's keep our children safe.  It is not 
enough to tell our children to "just say no!" 

We must give them an alternative to which they can and will say "YES!" Project Graduation is a chance to give our teens a wonderful memory, keep them alive, continue tradition and provide a safe celebration.  And our children are definitely with it!

Project Graduation benefits EVERYONE and we need your help! 

Project Graduation

Let's keep our children safe. It is not 
enough to tell them to "just say no!"

Yard Signs

You can help!

  • Volunteer your time and talents
  • Consider heading an event or fundraiser 
  • Sharing and helping to plan fundraising activity
  • Contacting local business for support/donations
  • Donating prizes or item for fundraiser
  • Attending and/or participating in a fundraisers
  • Making a donation. No donations is too small and is graciously accepted   
  • Attending meeting 

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     Proceeds benefit Seniors Project Graduation Night

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Jul 29, 2016, 5:22 AM
LaVerne Kirn,
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