2020 BCYR Executive Board

Chairman: Stephen Parrey

Vice-Chairwoman: Erin Darreff

Secretary: Mark Galey

Treasurer: Jesse Estlow

Trustee: Angelo Lamberto

Trustee: Stephanie Cassidy

Trustee: Brandon Pugh

Trustee: Kate Gibbs (Finance)

Trustee: Darshan Jha


Action Committee Chair:

  • Lead efforts to engage the BCYR Members in worthy social and political causes and campaigns.

Education & Ideas Committee Chair: Stephen Parrey

  • Lead efforts to provide members quality guest speakers and opportunities to learn more about the political process, discuss political issues, and exchange ideas.

Fundraising and Budget Committee Chair:

  • Lead efforts to monitor and review BCYR finances, including donations and expenditures.

Membership Committee Chair: Eric Eaton

  • Lead efforts that increase the BCYR Membership, broaden its geographic, cultural and gender diversity, and seek creative avenues to retain active members.

Social & Networking Committee Chair: Darshan Jha

  • Lead efforts to provide creative and fun avenues for members and prospective members to socialize, network, and learn from one another.

Communications Committee Chair: Brian Woods

  • Lead efforts in engaging with members and non-members through social media, press releases, mailings, and all other aspects of communications.


Past Presidents:

Brandon Pugh

Mike Rebuck

Brandon Thompson

Nick Sarracino

Angelo Lamberto