BCYR Executive Board

Our Leadership

The BCYR is overseen by an executive board, consisting of an elected chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer and secretary. Other members of the executive board include between four to six appointed trustees.


Chairman: Aiden DeMarsey

Vice-Chairman: Mark Galley

Treasurer: Josh Zoppina

Secretary: Jonathan Daverso


Trustee: Stephen Parrey

Trustee: Darshan Jha

Trustee: Angelo Lamberto

Trustee: Andy Gaus


Action Committee

Chair: TBA

Lead efforts to engage the BCYR Members in worthy social and political causes and campaigns.

Education & Ideas Committee Chair: TBA

Lead efforts to provide members quality guest speakers and opportunities to learn more about the political process, discuss political issues, and exchange ideas.

Fundraising and Budget Committee Chair: TBA

Lead efforts to monitor and review BCYR finances, including donations and expenditures.

Membership Committee Chair: TBA

Lead efforts that increase the BCYR Membership, broaden its geographic, cultural and gender diversity, and seek creative avenues to retain active members.

Social & Networking Committee Chair: TBA

Lead efforts to provide creative and fun avenues for members and prospective members to socialize, network, and learn from one another.

Communications Committee Chair: TBA

Lead efforts in engaging with members and non-members through social media, press releases, mailings, and all other aspects of communications.


Burlington County Young Republicans Committee Meeting


Brandon Pugh

Brandon Thompson

Angelo Lamberto

Andy Gaus

Mike Rebuck

Nick Sarracino

Stephen Parrey