Video number 5:  What causes problems in an organization?


Training is needed to build the courage to stop tradition. Every activity and every job is a part of the process.

Seven Deadly Diseases

The "Seven Deadly Diseases" include:

1.             Changing the purpose of the organization ("more profits" then "more quality" then "more profits")

2.             Focus on short-term profits

3.             Evaluation by performance

4.             Managers who move around and change departments

5.             Running a company on visible figures alone



"Other Obstacles" include


1.             Hoping that technology will solve problems.  Instead, remember to look at the people.

2.             Looking for examples in other companies.  Instead, we should develop solutions for our organization.

3.             Excuses, such as "our problems are different".  Instead, look at the system.  

4.             Managers think that skill can be taught in classes.  Instead, train people on the job.

5.             a separate quality control department.  Instead, use managers of purchasing, and production workers to find improvement.

6.             Placing blame on workers.   It is the system.

7.             Workers are responsible for 15% of mistakes.  The system causes 85% of the unintended results.



Some of you will use this information and improve your organization.  Bravo.   Build the future.


Other people need an outside advisor to put these ideas into action.  Contact us.  Build the future.




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