SECOND VIDEO:   "How can individuals improve the organization?"


Here are some of the important words by Deming 

The Deming System of Quality Improvement

Management must change, but a system cannot understand itself. We need a view from outside and a theory to improve your organization.

The first step is improving the individual. When the individuals change their point of view, they will see new meaning to their life, to events, to numbers, to interactions between people.

When the people understand the system of quality, they can improve every relationship with other people. Their new decisions will change the organization.  The individual will:

                Set an example;

                Be a good listener, but will not allow bad quality to continue;

                Continually teach other people; and

                Help people to pull away from their current practices and beliefs and move into the new philosophy 


Some of you will use this information and improve your organization.  Bravo.   Build the future.


Other people need an outside advisor to put these ideas into action.  Contact us.  Build the future.





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