VIDEO ONE:  "Put up posters to begin the change."


Many people do not know the name of W. Edwards Deming, the man who invented Quality Management.   It is sometimes called TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM).  We aim to bring you the heart of Deming's message.   Then you can decide what parts you want to put into action.


Deming is famous for making lists:   four parts of the System, 14 points, 7 Diseases and 8 Obstacles for managers to study.


We have selected the most important to show you.   If you want more, you can go to free places on the Internet to learn more.


Most advisors talk to managers and directors of companies.   We believe EVERYONE needs to know about Quality.  In Japan, quality circles include the factory workers, the sales people and the managers.  The meetings talk about what the customer wants and what happens when people put together the car.   We want everyone in the organization to understand the most important points in Deming's philosophy.   Then YOU can improve the quality of your department.  Eventually your organization will improve.   Finally, the quality of life in your country will improve.


Let's start...







Put these important words on the walls of your department.  They will help you and your colleagues stay focused.





Constant improvement. Improve quality every day.



Remove fear.



Focus on profits is like driving a car while looking at the rearview mirror.  To improve the system, look ahead.



People are different. Stop looking for the best and worst employees.  The performance of anyone improves when we improve the system. 




Improving the system is the responsibility of management. 




Every person is responsible for the quality of this 





Stop choosing the lowest price.  Work with one supplier to improve quality.  Build a long, strong relationship of loyalty and trust.

Workers make 15% of the mistakes.  

The system creates 85% of the unintended results.


The workers need to speak and managers need to listen.

Plan, Do, Study, Act

Plan the work

Work the plan

Study the system and look for improvements.

Act to improve the system.









We need to put these words on posters and put them on walls.  


We need to remind managers and employees that there is a better way. We can work together to find improvements.  

Some of you will use this information and improve your organization.  Bravo.   Build the future.


Other people need an outside advisor to put these ideas into action.  Contact us.  Build the future.





Video 1:   Put up posters to begin the change

Video 2:  How can individuals improve the organization?

Video 3:  What do managers need to know?

Video 4:  Deming's important points

Video 5:  What causes problems in an organization

Video 6:  What can we do to improve quality?  
Plan Do Study and Act