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Additional reading lists are available here    Please send suggestions for more readings: TheGuideOntheSide@gmail.com
At the bottom of this page is a list of useful videos and channels on Youtube.  The video links have also been scattered among the authors.  You can find similar lists of recommended links in documents uploaded to Scribd.com

The QBE Academy's List of Quotations for Teachers, Students, Parents and Taxpayers

Howard Gitlow's book about Deming, including the 11 Deming Points for Labor.

Required reading for anyone who wants to transform a system or organization.

DriveOutFear.com  Bill Chandler's book

About The Capacities of Women and Men

Books About Deming

Deming's Papers including comments by avid advocates
Videos by and about Deming


Engaging graphics
(bravo to the creator)

Ken Robinson's RSA Lecture


Thomas Friedman
The World is Flat
Hot, Flat and Crowded

Malcolm Gladwell
The Tipping Point

Marshall Thurber    posdev.net
Positive Deviance

Daniel Pink
Free Agent Nation
A Whole New Mind

Education   --- See Also Readings for Schools
TheStudentIsTheClass.com  (blog) by Dr. Abraham Fischler
Ken Robinson
The Element
How Did They Get That Way?  Interviews with people about their passions
Dennis Littky  (Click here for a profile)
The Big Picture:
Youtube:  PopTech

Providence, Rhode Island


Sailing school in England

Please submit your suggestions of books and videos that can help an organization transform and focus on quality.

The Gregorc Learning (and Expressing) Styles
as interpreted by Floating Neutrinos
If this page were to ever disappear from the web, it would be a great loss.   Never have I seen a better description of learning styles and types than here.  I highly recommend this two-by-two table of learning styles.  

In particular, please consider the bipolar worlds of  CONCRETE and RANDOM vs.  ABSTRACT and Sequential.   These two learning styles don't mix well, leading to conflict if the source of the mismatch is not identified.    i highly recommend this page.

Thomas Friedman

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