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One of the aims of BuildTheFuture.net is to share ideas.   When we share water or money with someone, we have less when they get more.  When we share ideas, we end the process with the same amount -- or perhaps more, if the other person shares ideas with us.   How do we get this concept into general public?  By talking.  That's why BuildtheFuture.net participates in Discussions.
Project "Let's visit the Deming Institute"

We want the next generation to learn more about Deming and his work.   Why not hire a film maker who is under 30 years old to tell the story?

Here are some links for filmmakers to learn about

W Edwards Deming Institute

12021 Edgepark Court
RockvilleMD 20854-2138
When you call 301 294 8405, the line connects to a phone based in Pacific Palisades in Orange County, near Los Angeles... 
(301) 294-8405

It is the same number as the deming.org institute that has a PO Box in California.   The goal of this project is "visit and interact with some people.  Find out their passion for Dr. Deming's work."

Project "Dancing Words"

We invite you to join us in creating short videos about Dr. Deming's work and about ideas that inspire the next generation.

Watch this space for the work of Greg Young....

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