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Links to Deming Advocates

DriveOutFear.com, the link to a book about the key element of the Deming system -- a book by Bill Chandler
I heard about this fellow because I wanted to buy the domain name DriveOutFear.com.  He got it.  And I'm glad (that's how I met him -- by writing to the domain name's owner).  If you are interested in hearing how "drive out fear" works as a central principle in life, contact Bill.  
He recommends blogs for distributing information.  See wordpress.com

More about DriveOutFear

The Six Sigma Program at University of Miami

Recommended Reading (with the 11 Deming Points for Labor)  

Six Sigma Consultants
We found his site by searching "how many six sigma black belt consultants"
Marv Meissner Consulting, based in Syracuse, NY, helps companies increase their ... As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, he trained 400 Green Belts and led or ... " Some people are intuitively good at solving problems but many a
We like his website and we hope you will visit it.
"Employees are the only asset that increases in value with investment. As soon as you invest in any other asset, it immediately begins to depreciate in value."
--Marv Meissner

"You will note that I always use the words training and education together but I don’t interchange them. I see them as the two sides of the same coin.

"Education is teaching the 'why' while training is teaching the 'how.'

"Both are necessary to provide the student with the tools for success.

"We always train but we don’t always educate. Giving people just training limits their understanding of the system and does not prepare them to solve by themselves problems which may arise.

--Marv Meissner
email: marvmeissner@yahoo.com
phone: 607.745.8354 
mail: PO Box 22, Camillus NY 13031
A short tour of Mr. Meissner's site

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Steve McCrea

Visual and Active Team

Constructivist Theory of Learning
The idea is to let the student build a view of the subject rather than asking th estudent to memorize whatever that teacher talks about.  The student constructs a view of the world.

A leading book by Jacqueline and Martin Brooks

Free sources on the web include:
WIkipedia article:  Constructivist

Take a moment and write to the center that maintains a remarkable site that gives a summary of Constructivist practices.... based on the Brooks book.
NDT Non-Destructive Testing (for materials) ... it's a positive philosophy about testing in general.
NDT Education Resource Center, Developed by the Collaboration for NDT Education, Editor:  Brian F. Larson, Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011  USA

Email:  ndt-ed@cnde.iastate.edu

Phone:  515-294-8152

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