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What makes a great school?

Training (specific for each employee)

A Principal who listens

Teachers who want to improve (see Deming's 11 points for labor)

Constructivist Theory put into practice

What did Deming say? (for teachers)

How to encourage SCHOOL REFORM and  
What questions should we ask to improve our school systems?


1.       Everything in our education systems is focus on passing “the Test.”  New methods of teaching are still aiming at producing students capable of passing “the Test.”  In fact modern technology and economic developments in Western society has driven a paradigm change which demands a different output from our education systems.  How do we get away from “the Test” and what should replace it?  -- WS


2.       For decades we have been delivering a one size fits all curriculum, most of the content of which the modern student does not need to know.  With information at the end of their finger tips they need to learn how to learn and to be motivated to do so.  Schools are depriving many students of reaching their full potential before they become discouraged, uninterested and in some cases totally depressed about life.  What are the most important and effective steps we can take in order to stop the tweaking of the current system and to produce schools relevant to our students, families and society today?  -- WS


3.       Amongst educational reformers, much is being made of project-based courses, virtual offerings, community-based internships, innovative college courses, and capstone projects.  What universal system, measure, or structure should, or could, be used to provide the future employer with an understanding of the skills, competences, and work ethics of the job applicant?  --WS

Websites (schools)
BigPicture.org, the Dennis Littky / Eliot Washor organization

CHADphila.org, Charter High of Architecture
and Design, Philadelphia

HighTechHigh.org, San Diego, Calif.**

MavericksinEducation.com, chain of charter schools that include the CAI model described by Dr. Abraham S. Fischler in GuideOnTheSide.com

MetCenter.org, Providence, R.I.**

NewCitySchool.org, St. Louis (publishers of a widely used workbook for introducing multiple intelligences in academics) 
Tracy.MHS.schoolfusion.us, Millennium High
School, Tracy, California Motto: Aspire, achieve, advance

UrbanAcademy.org, New York City**  Motto: A small school with big ideas
**These schools were profiled in High Schools on a Human Scale: How Small Schools can Transform American Education (2003) by
Thomas Toch, introduction by Tom vander Ark,
Beacon Press, ISBN 978-0807032459

Websites (reformers, publishers)
ASCD.org, publishers of The Big Picture: Education Is Everybody’s Business (2004) by Dennis Littky and Samantha Grabelle, ISBN 978-

EdReform.com, Center for Education Reform

EdReformer.com, Tom vander Ark’s blog

edSpresso.com, newsletter, served hot with a twist

emaginos.com, Jack Taub’s site

RevLearning.com, vander Ark’s investment group

EssentialSchools.org, Coalition of Essential Schools, formed by Ted Sizer

GatesFoundation.org, funding for education reform

GuideontheSide.com, Steve McCrea, teacher training workshops

PZ.harvard.edu, Project Zero, Harvard University, teacher training
QBESchool.com, Will Sutherland, innovative curricula

QualifiedByExperience.com, Sutherland's consulting site

City University of New York

Cofradiaschool.com, Ben Udy's English school in Honduras (using John Corlette's educational philosophy, JohnCorlette.com)

StudentsFirst.org, Michelle Rhee (former superintendent of Washington, DC schools)

theLearningWeb.net, Gordon Dryden, New
Zealand, author of The Learning Web with
Jeannette Vos: How to quit school at 14 and
62 ♥ No more boring

YouTube Video

BrainSmart.org, a training organization for teachers, mentions Deming in two books, noting that 94% of errors are system errors due to organization, procedures and items under management's control.  Only 6% can be attributed to operator error.  BrainSmart.org is one of the first organizations related to education that has quoted Deming.