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Contact us:  
+1 954.646.8246

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Contact us to learn about the next "Free Meeting" where we discuss quality, reform, transformation and whatever the group decides to investigate.

BuildTheFuture.net offers free workshops to introduce you and your organization to some of the concepts that are transforming worklife in the USA and elsewhere.
We seek partners, colleagues, collaborators and advocates who want to share information similar to what appears on this website and in the books listed here
We are particularly grateful to:
- Dennis Yuzenas (WhatDoYaKnow.com) for his insights into the use of projects in schools (and for training adults)
- Howard Gitlow for granting permission to reprint the 11 Deming Points for Labor.  His motto:  "The good news is that management is now a science, not an art."  For more about Gitlow's methods and materials, visit HowardGitlow.com
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