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The Book:   Build The Future

Here is a sample of our training...
Video 1:   Put up posters to begin the change

Video 2:  How can individuals improve the organization?

Video 3:  What do managers need to know?

Video 4:  Deming's important points

Video 5:  What causes problems in an organization

Video 6:  What can we do to improve quality?  
Plan, Do, Study and Act 

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BuildTheFuture.net hosts a discussion group once a month in Fort Lauderdale.  Our
current meeting place is Victoria Park Greek Diner at 1730 E. Sunrise Blvd. To get on the mailing list, send a message to TheEbookman@gmail.com

29 July      FRIDAY       6-8 pm
19 August  FRDIAY       6-8 pm   More about the discussion group

Our DISCUSSION GROUP aims to popularize the work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.   You can increase your vocabulary by including concepts like "The 11 Points for Labor" and you can use phrases like "Drive out fear" and "Transformation is not required.  Survival is not required."

PROJECT:  Dancing words
"Create videos to bring the words of Dr. Deming to the next generation."
Greg Young EvoFXpro and his parrtner Roy have been contracted to create a 
Consultant on this project is Marv Meisser.  The goal is to create an educational video to encourage intercultural communication and transformation using the business principles defined and taught by Dr. Deming.
BuildTheFuture.net is looking for a grant to create and post a video similar to the content in a draft video created ... 
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Translation in Arabic                          Videos about Deming

We believe that Deming's greatest rule is Drive Out Fear.

This is an example of how NOT to manage ... (this sign was found on Dan Pink's blog).

YouTube Video

"There are better ways to protect a company.
Unemployment is not unavoidable.  It is a sign of bad management."  Dr. Deming   More videos 

SITUATION:  Many students in Saudi Arabia in public school don't study English until age 12.  
Brain Research:  Children's brains are more flexible for creating "language cells" before the age of 8 years old.

We produce books, DVDs and audio CDs for young children to prepare them for school.

We have a special program to help children learn to read in English and speak.  We do not use music (in the West, many TV programs use music to teach language to children).  This program is designed especially for Saudi families.

The children want an enjoyable experience with a language program.
We can teach language with fun and practice letters and vocabulary without boring repetition.

We want to prepare the children to practice listening English on on QATAR network 

... and eventually CNN.com

"Dancing Words"
A method of training colleagues, employees and clients
I found some more videos with dancing words...

8 to be great

11 words for 2011    a fun way to introduce new vocabulary

alchemy of great work

Do more great work

tour of an office
interesting for listening practice for students of English, especially for someone with a speech difference

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Entrepreneurs can change the world
Distributed for Grasshopper
http://grasshoppergroup.com - Empowering entrepreneurs to succeed!
Join the entrepreneur movement. Stimulate the economy. Spread the word. Original music by Carly Comando. Written & Produced by Sonja Jacob. 
Rocky Boily recommended that I look at this video.  The dancing words are delightful.