Elephant Hunt

posted Feb 25, 2011, 5:21 AM by Jundo Cohen   [ updated Mar 20, 2011, 7:23 PM ]
Much like 
an egg hunt, families with small children could enjoy an "ELEPHANT HUNT" -  elephants because Siddhartha's mother dreamt of a white elephant while she was pregnant with him. Elephants are cute for young kids, who would enjoy them. You can cut out paper elephants for your kids to color (as many as you'd like). Or you can find plastic or wooden elephants to use - it doesn't matter what they're made of. Number them - each number will correspond to a task, a treat to give to other kids, or another game for tall he children after the hunt. If you use paper, you can write these things on the back. The tasks can include anything you want, examples may be: go to lunch/breakfast with dad or mom (the idea is only one parent, so they have quality time with that person), help mom/dad with the dishes, laundry or trash, make a gift for a neighbor or friend, play a game (of your choice) with your family, make a birdhouse/birdfeeder with dad. The idea is to get children thinking about doing things for, and with, other people and not about "getting" a present for themselves. 

If you have older children who may not enjoy the elephant hunt, then create a scavenger hunt - to symbolize how Buddha left home in search of the Truth. The scavenger hunt should be a fun search all family members can do together, but should somehow relate back to what the Buddha went in search for ... we're looking for suggestions here.  Here is a nice site with some creative ideas: SCAVENGER HUNT IDEAS. If you scroll down a bit there, there is a list of hunts that others have created for B-day parties, not related to Buddhism in particular, but the ideas can be adapted.