BIG spring meeting: 14 March 2015

Post date: Mar 04, 2015 7:45:55 PM

Our spring indoor meeting will be on Saturday 14 March, 10am to 1pm - apologies for the rather short notice, and note that will be at the Wendover Woods classroom, not at Halton.

The most pressing agenda item is that we would like to have a BIG display at the Bucks Wildlife Recorders' Seminar. As Jo Higson said in her recent email from BMERC, it would be appreciated if anyone with photographs of BIG Field Meetings, BIG Events or general BIG photographs of the group could please bring them to the meeting (or send them in to BMERC if you can't get to the meeting), as we would like to create a large collage of BIG Photos to display at the seminar. Where possible, please can you let us know the names of those in any photos; date photo was taken (at least to the year) if possible; and we will of course credit photographers. If you send us any originals we will of course return them. Let's see if we can make this a really big BIG display!

Other than that, please bring along all your news and views, and latet reports of early spring sightings. Exhibits of specimens, photos or other invertebrate-related items are welcome (but if your report is at all long or filled with scientific names please do provide text as well so it can be added to the meeting report with minimal errors!). We will also be putting together our programme for field meetings later in the year - suggestions and offers to lead meetings are welcome, preferably in advance to Neil Fletcher.

Let Martin Harvey know if you wish to show any photos or presentations on the digital projector, or have any items to add to the agenda If there are any other items you'd like added to the agenda.

Thanks as always to BMERC for supporting BIG.

Agenda for the BIG meeting on 14 March:

- BIG display, recorders' seminar and any other anniversary-related updates

- Reports from members

- Plans for summer field meetings

- Updates from other organisations

- BIG newsletter and website

See you there! Contact us if you have any questions.