BIG Bulletin 2019

Post date: Feb 24, 2019 2:20:24 PM

Any news or articles relating to insects and other invertebrates in Buckinghamshire would be welcome for our Bulletin. Editor Peter Hall will be compiling the 2019 issue during March, so please get your words and images to him ASAP! The Bulletin is likely to be circulated in late March or early April.

You don't need to write detailed essays or worry about being an 'expert', if it's about bugs in Bucks and interests you it will interest others in the group!

See below for Peter's guidelines for submitting articles. They can be emailed to Peter (contact us if you don't have Peter's address).

Previous Bulletins can be downloaded here.

BIG Bulletin article guidance

Whilst all formats will be accepted, including hand written and typewriter versions, the repeat workload can be minimised by adhering to the following guidelines.

Although the BIG bulletin is published in dual column format, there is no need to submit text in this way. Dual column format means that tables are limited in most cases to relevant information. As described at BIG meetings, these reports are not designed to replace submission of records to the relevant bodies, but more a summary of findings for likeminded enthusiasts.

For text please adopt the following. Font is Tahoma. For Article titles, the title is in bold 12 point size. The author immediately below is in Bold Italic 11 point size. Following text is 12 point without “bold” selected. After each full stop, please double space. Paragraphs are not indented, but a clear line of no text is between each paragraph. Species names are in italics.

Photographs are welcome. I can happily reduce the pixel size to accommodate images into the bulletin, but I ask that you send the images as separate files, preferably as jpegs.