Websites & Links


Aside from pastels, I enjoy creating websites for people... something I've done since around 1990. Lately, I'm mostly using Google Sites to create websites, as they have a large feature set, are stored in the "Cloud"... available anywhere, and they have a CMS (content management system) that is easy to set up, use, manage, & maintain by the customer with some computer experience. There are 2 forms of Google sites; Google Free sites with an address of http://, which are totally free but limited somewhat in size, and Google Apps sites with a .com or .org, etc. address that is purchased for $10.00 per year and now cost $50.00 per year per user, which is more suited for business, has more space & options, but is more complex to set up & maintain. All Google Sites lack some functionality due to their nature and their use of a CMS. For example; they do not allow the use of javascript, which limits the use of Slide Shows & complex Shopping Carts, but they do have a wealth of API "gadgets" that can be incorporated.

Please feel free to Contact me if you have any interest, questions, or for more information & rates.

Here are some recent designs & consults:

Picture Framing by Mary Richardson - a google free site created for my picture framing wife.

Fletcher Manley Photography - a google apps site for a well know local photographer.

Christopher Kuntze Design - a brochure site, done in google apps, for a well known local book designer.

Roger Irwin Photography - another photography website for a well known local wildlife photographer. This one was done with Adobe Dreamweaver instead of using Google Sites.

Maidstone Vermont - a google apps site for the township of Maidstone, VT.

Trail Magic Studio - a google apps site for watercolor artist Asheley Kapelewski, with a lot of Pay Pal buttons to purchase her prints & cards.


Some Facebook pages I help with...

Bruce Richardson A&D - my Facebook Art & Design Page... "Like" for the latest updates & news.

Fletcher Manley Imaging - photographer Fletcher Manley's Facebook Page.

Roger Irwin Nature Photography - photographer Roger Irwin's Facebook Page.

Brett Wiese Saunders - website by Brett of a should be recognized, up & coming young local photographer & videographer.