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Summer Field
14 X 11 in. on museum board

This is a somewhat imaginary grass field, on top of a hill, gone to seed from the lack of being hayed, like many small fields around here, due to it's small size & lack of accessibility. Someone mentioned they thought the tree was a bit too perfect, but that is what I was shooting for, that perfect tree on that perfect late summer day. I was inspired by many well shaped, well lit, uncrowded trees I've seen in photos or parks in Hawaii.

Original $350.00
Prints available

Percy Peaks
15.5 X 18 in. on museum board

This is Percy Peaks as seen from my brother-in-laws field, across the road, on the edge of the Connecticut River, looking north. A hazy, late fall day, around sunset, & after a few early snows have frosted the tops of the surrounding mountains. River maples line the ever falling & changing banks of this meandering river.

Took a while to do this one, as I thought the best way to represent the trees on the peaks was with a pointillism technique of a thousand tiny dots. 3 weeks later, of 4 hour painting session days, I promised myself not to use this method any time soon.

Accepted into the juried show "The Pastelists" at the Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville, VT '12

Original $450.00 SOLD
Prints available

River and Reeds
14 X 18.5 in. on museum board

Late fall sunset on the Connecticut River. Cold enough that sections of the river are freezing up & early snow is sticking, yet some interesting melting patterns in the shallow reedy shoal in the foreground due to the sun & perhaps a little rise & fall of the river.

After doing the somewhat paler, pastel colored Percy Peaks piece, I wanted to do something with more color & contrast to show off the richness of dry, soft pastels. I think it worked out well, & it certainly took less time.

Accepted into the juried show "The Pastelists" at the Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville, VT '12

Original $450.00 SOLD
Prints available

Morning Path 2
11 X 11 in. on museum board

An imaginary misty morning walk, down the path in the grass, to the woods, on an early autumn day.

A smaller piece... loosening up a bit here from the "hatching" style I've been using a lot of lately. It seems the smaller I work the more impressionistic I need to be..... and I kind of like going in that direction. A lot of movement & contrast in using broader strokes & swatches of color

Original $225.00  SOLD
Prints available

Fall Fire
8 X 8 in. on museum board

An abstraction of some Staghorn Sumac's in back & young Sugar Maple's in front, during the glory of peak foliage season.

Another.... even smaller, even looser piece. Looking forward to doing some even smaller, & more affordable, impressionistic works in the future, similar to what the online daily painters group is doing. Maybe even some larger pieces too.

Original $165.00  SOLD
Prints available