Pastels by Bruce Richardson


Welcome!... thanks for stopping by... and I hope you enjoy some of my pastel paintings. It seems I've always had a passion for Art since my younger days, and although I've delved into all sorts of mediums & styles over the years, (including digital art & graphics), my prime passion since early on has been soft, dry pastels. I love the color & richness of the permanent, pure pigment minerals used in soft pastels. There is nothing much that compares to getting down & dirty with some dusty pastel sticks & a fresh surface on a smeared old easel. Although it can seem to be work at times, the satisfaction I get from the creation process & a valid final product is tremendous. Lately, it appears, I've been able to follow my old passion more then what life & time usually affords. See my About page for more on that. So... I thought I'd create a website to show off my recent pastel works, & maybe stir up a little interest. Please visit the Originals page for my latest pastels for sale, and the Sold page for views of some of my past works. Most all of my works are still available as Prints. I've finally decided to offer up fine art Giclee prints of my pastels. To see what's available, take a look at the Prints page or go directly to my print gallery at Fine Art America.

Forgive my use of somewhat smaller images on this site. I've done my best with the smaller images, digital cameras, & Photoshop configuration, to represent my pastel works in the best light... but nothing will ever do justice to the color, contrast, depth & details of the real thing... the originals. If you are interested in a particular piece of artwork, and/or would like to see a larger, more detailed view... let me know via the Contact page, or there are larger views at my print gallery at Fine Art America.

And... take a look at Websites & Links page for some other artists & craftsman in my neck of the woods, and some of my web design work.