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Captain's Log

Star Date 735,141

1 Oct 2013, the new BBBC Web Site launched.   This new style has much the same content as our old site, but displayed in a different way.  We have gone to a new site because for many years bbbc.co.nz has been hosted by the Tattleys in their personal domain area and it is only fair that we move this burden else where.  Not that Grant and Vicky would ever suggest it has been a burden.  Having the site hosted in googlesites means that we can share the management of the site across the committee and that is how we have set it up.   Schools of thanks to the Tattleys for hosting us, as the web site has been an important means of communication and has been in no small way, a significant contributor to our Club's successes.
The new site has been designed by Ben Dallimore along similar lines to the BBMC site that Ben and AJ created, ably guided by Warren King.   Thanks to both of you and I trust the new site will be every bit as successful as the old one.  Enjoy people....  PS, there is logic behind the Star Date..any guesses.