The Brittany Spaniel Club of Canada

Promoting the Versatile Brittany


Our standard has been updated by membership vote and CKC. The main change includes tri (liver, orange, white in specific pattern) colours as acceptable and there were a few minor wording changes. Also requested and approved by the Brittany Club of Canada members was a name change from Brittany Spaniel to Brittany. This was voted on by CKC members but there were not enough members voting to achieve the change.


The 2022 membership is available to new members wishing to be part of the Brittany Club of Canada. Fees are $20 for single and $30 for family. Dues may be paid by etransfer to


The 2020 Brittany Club of Canada Field Trial was held Sept 5 - 6 in Cochrane, Alberta. It was be a walking trial with four stakes, Open Shooting Dog, Amateur Shooting Dog, Open Derby and Open Puppy.

The Brittany Club of Canada Regional Specialty was held this year in Didsbury Alberta on Sept 12, 2020.

The 2020 National Specialty due to be held in Ontario has been postponed due to Covid 19. Plans are being made to hold this event in Fall 2021 at the same venue.

A Regional Specialty Show and Field Trial were held in Alberta in September 2020 and the last Brittany Spaniel Club of Canada National Specialty Show was held in Alberta in the summer of 2019. All Results are posted on the Events Page.

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