The Brittany Spaniel Club of Canada

Promoting the Versatile Brittany


Our standard has been reviewed and updated by membership vote and is currently at the CKC level for approvals. The change requested has been to include tri (liver, orange, white in specific pattern) colours as acceptable. The other change requested and sent the the registration department is a name change from Brittany Spaniel to Brittany.


The 2019 membership form is available to new members wishing to be part of the Brittany Club of Canada. Fees are $20 for single and $30 for family. Dues may be paid online through paypal on membership page.


The 2019 Brittany Club of Canada National Specialty Show will be held in the Western Region. Plans are being made for a July show in Alberta, stayed tuned for details.

The 2019 Brittany Club of Canada Field Trial is also expected to be in Alberta in May. Details TBD

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Facebook for Members only site: Canadian Brittany Club