Here are our songs as singles and bound into one jam-packed songbook.

If you want to sort the files:

1. Click on the right corner of the below white window to open Drive.

2. Click on "List view" on the right side of the new window.

Now you can sort by last modified or by name

If you print single sided you only need to print the jam-packed songbook once.

Then just print each new song and slip it into your book.

Downloading then printing from the downloaded file seems to work best.

New songs will first go into our workshop while we trial them. If a song works for us we will add it here and bind it into the jam-packed songbook

We use chord boxes to make our songs accessible. There are many ways to form each chord, use what works for you.

If you can't form a chord for whatever reason, just miss it and join in when you can :-)