1. Books Within Books. The Songs of Ascents: an independent book within the Book of Psalms. 
2. Words Within Words. Numerological codes point to the reign of a particular Israelite king.
3. Steps Within Steps. The 'Ascents' heading links the songs with the fifteen temple steps and the Feast of Sukkot.
4. Who Lies Behind Them? The king behind them steps forth.
5. The Lodgings of the Holy Ark. The Songs sing of the ark of the covenant and its dwelling-place.
6. For What Event Were They Composed?
7. Who Wrote Them? Linguistic elements point to the probable authors. 
8. The Temple Orchestra: Origins and Instruments.
9. The Temple Orchestra: The Levite Singers.
10. Moonlight on Moriah. The liturgy of the fifteen Songs in temple times.
11. Temple Song, Where Are You Now? Where did the temple song go? What remains?
12. Restoring the Temple Song. Temple psalmody restorable from Masoretic cantillation, and church and synagogue chant. 
13. The Songs of Zion. The temple melody of each Song, with commentary. 
14. In the Latter Days. The meaning of the Songs of Ascents in the Psalms' narrative.
15. I Will Proclaim Your Name to My Brethren. The song of the morning stars and music in worship.
Appendix I. Singing the Sacred Name. 
Appendix II. Solomon’s temple. 
Appendix III. The Hebrew calendar. 
Appendix IV. Revia mugrash and oleh ve-yored.
27 figures; 14 tables; 29 musical examples. Glossary, bibliography, and index.