Messiah ben Joseph

Messiah ben Joseph book

Mitchell presents his case with great clarity and
conviction. An immensely valuable monograph by
an undoubted authority on this fascinating topic.

Robert Gordon               
Emeritus Regius Professor of Hebrew               
University of Cambridge               

Slain Galilean Messiah ben Joseph is the most enigmatic figure in rabbinic Judaism.
A deeper understanding of him has profound implications for all who love the Bible.
This new book traces him fully, from his origins in Genesis down to modern times.

Paperback (May 2016)
xiv+300 pp.
6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 978-1532743924
US 19.95       UK 17.00       EU 20.05

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The first full-length monograph on the slain Messiah of Rabbinic Judaism. This book of 143,000 words details his origins, his attributes, and his significance in twelve chapters, a conclusion, and three appendices.

Contents, Figures
Foreword by Professor Robert Gordon
1. Mysterious Messiah
2. In the Pentateuch
3. In the Prophets and Writings
4. In the Book of Psalms
5. In the Pseudepigrapha
6. In the Dead Sea Scrolls & Inscriptions
7. In the Targums
8. In the New Testament and Church Fathers
9. In the Babylonian Talmud
10. In the Homiletic and Exegetic Midrashim
11. In the Apocalyptic Midrashim
12. In the rishonim, Zohar, and aḥaronim
Conclusion. A Synopsis
Epilogue. Journey's End
Appendix I. Heavenly Messiah
Appendix II. The Samaritan Joshua Messiah
Appendix III. Tefillat Rav Shimon ben Yohai
Glossary, Abbreviations, Bibliography, & Index


"A fresh direction in the study of the Psalms"
Professor John Barton, Oriel College, Oxford       

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