The Message of the Psalter: An Eschatological Programme in the Book of Psalms

A major contribution to the modern
quest for a planned Psalter

The Heythrop Journal                

Is the Book of Psalms just an ad hoc collection of ancient lyrics? Or is there more to it? 
This book argues, in ten chapters, that it embodies a prophetic programme 
An evergreen classic

Hardback (September 1997)
428 pp.
6 x 9 inches
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Paperback (August 2017)
428 pp.
6 x 9 inches
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This intriguing work argues, in 160,000 words, that the book of Psalms has been redacted to reflect a programme of eschatological events like that of Zechariah 9-14. These events include the ingathering of exiled Israel by a bridegroom-king; his establishment of a kingdom, followed by his violent death; the scattering of Israel in the wilderness, and their subsequent regathering and further imperilment; their rescue by a king from the heavens, who establishes his kingdom from Zion, brings peace and prosperity to the earth and receives the homage of the nations. There is an appendix of apocalyptic midrashim, translated into English for the first time. 

1.  A Review of Psalms Interpretation
2.  The Hebrew Psalter
3.  The Psalms of Asaph
4.  The Songs of Ascents
5.  The Ingathering of God
6.  Eschatological Programmes and the Psalter
7.  A Time of Trouble for Israel
8.  The Messiahs of the Lord
9.  The Wilderness of the Nations
10. Conclusion
Appendix I. Apocalyptic Midrashim
Appendix II. Texts Referring to Ingathering
Index of References
Index of Authors