The Tyndale Service (2016)

The Tyndale Service is in memory of the Bible translator and martyr William Tyndale, who was put to death by strangulation and burning at Vilvoorde, near Brussels, on 6 October, 1536.
It is a short polyphonic communion service in early sixteenth-century style for unaccompanied SATB voices. The text is an early form of the Anglican communion liturgy found in Merbecke's setting. 
It is based on a sixteenth-century English melody, The Western Wynde.

Free pdf download (September 2016)
14 pp.
US Letter / A4 format
Performance time: 7'15

Notes on score

The service is in six sections (no Creed). 
  • Lord, have mercy
  • Glory be to God
  • Holy, holy, holy
  • Blessed is he
  • Acclamation (Christ has died)
  • O Lamb of God
First performance: 10H30, Sunday 9 October 2016.


"A fresh direction in the study of the Psalms"
Professor John Barton, Oriel College, Oxford       

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