Jewish & Christian Approaches to the Psalms: Conflict & Convergence

This book, edited by Professor Gillingham, comprises twenty-five papers on the Psalms from the Society of Old Testament Studies Conference in Oxford in 2010. Chapter nine is a Mitchell paper called How Can We Sing the Lord's Song? Deciphering the Masoretic Cantillation. It shows the temple chant of Psalms 23, 95, and 122. 

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22 March 2013
304 Pages | 12 pp. color plate section
9.2 x 6.1 inches
ISBN: 9780199699544
Introduction, Susan Gillingham
I: Jewish and Christian Approaches to the Psalms 
1. The Dead Sea Psalms Scrolls. Psalms Manuscripts, Editions, and the Oxford Hebrew Bible, Peter Flint
2. Reflections on the Canon and the Text of the Bible in response to Peter Flint, Geza Vermes
3. Medieval Answers to Modern Questions. Medieval Jewish Interpreters of Psalms, Adele Berlin
4. Medieval Psalms Exegesis as a Challenge to Modern Exegesis: A Response to Adele Berlin, Corinna Korting
5. The Reception of Psalm 137 in Jewish and Christian Traditions, Susan Gillingham
6. Psalm 137 - Unlikely Liturgy or Partisan Poem? A Response to Sue Gillingham, Jonathan Magonet
7. The Liturgical Psalter in Medieval Europe, Elizabeth Solopova
8. True Lights: Seeing the Psalms through Chagall's Church Windows,Aaron Rosen
9. How Can We Sing the Lord's Song? Deciphering the Masoretic Cantillation, David C. Mitchell
10. The Psalms in Judaism and Christianity. A Reception History Perspective, John Sawyer
II: Reading the Psalter 
11. The Psalter as Theodicy Writ Large, Bill Bellinger, Jr.
12. The Psalter and Theodicy. Perspectives Related to a Rhetorical Approach., Dirk Human
13. The Psalter as a Book, Klaus Seybold
14. The Proto-mt Psalter, the King, and Psalms 1 and 2. A response to Klaus Seybold., David Howard, Jr.
15. On Translating the Poetry of the Psalms, Nancy deClaisse Walford
16. Traduttore Traditore, Beowulf and the Psalms. A Response to Nancy Declaisse Walford., Philip Johnston
III: Past Contexts and Future Perspectives 
17. Psalm 104 and Akhenaten's Hymn to the Sun, John Day
18. The Psalms and Sumerian Hymns, Erhard Gerstenberger
19. Problems and Prospects in Psalter Studies, Frank-Lothar Hossfeld and Dr. Till Magnus Steiner
20. Postscript, John Barton