A book about Jesus

Jesus the Non-Jew

A book about paternity and the Son of God
Forthcoming. 72,000 words.

xiv+150 pp.
6 x 9 inches

US 11.99       UK 9.99       EU 10.99

A series of twelve essays on the most intriguing person in history. 

Contents, Figures
1. The Manifold Messiah
2. The Visible God
3. A Good Genealogy
4. Two Good Genealogies
5. Princess Mary
6. Jesus the Non-Jew
7. His name shall be called wonderful
8. Jesus in Judaism
9. Jews and Non-Jews
10. Three Kings
11. The face of Jesus
12. The coming malkut
Glossary, Abbreviations, Bibliography, & Index


"A fresh direction in the study of the Psalms"
Professor John Barton, Oriel College, Oxford       

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