Cool Field Trials videos

The following animations are the results from the (2011) Tenerife Field Trials and there are more to come as the PRoVisG team put the data gathered in the Field Trials through their PRoVisG Image Processing Software.  Keep checking back for more videos in the next couple of weeks.

20/09/11: 3D reconstruction of a rock in Minas de San Jose valley after processing the images obtained with the PanCam.  You can see the sequence of discrete original images in the top left hand quarter have been turned into the flowing 'fly-through' animations using different sets of features in each of the other quarters of the video display.

3D reconstructions of the Minas de San Jose valley after processing the images obtained with PanCam.

In this video you can plainly see how the individual images shown at the beginning have been merged to create a dynamic 3D model of the environment that the computer user can fly through.  The green triangles by the way show the position of the camera when the series of the images was taken - they are shown in pairs as the cameras are in stereo pairs

There are more sequences to come.  In the meantime there is the colour sequence from previous field trials in Wales.  The following video was produced at the end of the PRoVisG Field Trials in Clarach Bay in September 2010. It shows how sets of images can be combined to produce amazing fly-throughs in excellent detail.

New videos will be added every day once the field trials start. Check this page often to see what's new!